Alex B

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Anticipation has been running high for the release of Alex B’s debut full-length album Moments. Years of focused time in the studio and relentless touring all over the world have earned Alex his due recognition, with hype surrounding the rising producer growing daily. In the Last year alone, Alex received airplay on BBC’s Mary Anne Hobbs Show (the authority on up-and-coming bass music) and URB Magazine, who flagged him as one to watch in their highly regarded annual “Next 100” issue, saying,

“Whether he is remixing Dilla or creating patchwork masterpieces, his resourcefulness is as prominent as his passion. Be on the lookout for his full-length album.”

The wait is almost over. Moments is set to hit the streets April 6th on Alex B’s own Elm&Oak imprint and 1320 Records.

To call Elm&Oak a record label would be as over simplistic as calling Alex B’s productions "beats". Elm&Oak is a creative hub for web design, graphic design, clothing, graffiti, photography and event promotion, all of which Alex is actively involved in.

Those familiar with Alex B already know that he tends to take a layered approach to everything, especially his music. The tracks on Moments are intricately crafted with painstaking care and attention to detail -- a careful mix of analog and digital sounds elevated by imaginative samples and the insight of a classically trained musician. The result is a blend of timeless warmth and future beats that is as easily adaptable to introspective time with one’s headphones as it is to group mania on a mobbed dance floor.

This is evident through Alex B’s recently produced mix that has been getting huge downloads. “Brain Food” for Flying Lotus’s Brainfeeder label, contains 90% unreleased tracks, and has been a nice tide over for those itching to hear Moments in its entirety. The mix includes a taste of the novel sounds in store and clues about guest appearances on the album.

With his work in the studio complete, and interest in his music at an all time high, Alex B plans to tour extensively following the release of Moments on April 6th. The run will begin at the coveted Low End Theory Night in Los Angeles and will cover cities from coast to coast. Check back in with or for tour dates and to get your hands on the album as soon as it’s released.

Two Fresh

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ELM AND OAK is pleased to announce the newest artist to join our roster, TWO FRESH. The twin producers from Asheville, NC (Kendrick and Sherwyn Nicholls) have been carving their way across america turning heads everywhere they go. After spending 3 solid years on the road, one beat tape and several free tracks down, the twins are ready to embark upon their first full length album.

In anticipation of their upcoming release, the twins will be releasing a free mix via ELM AND OAK! Entitled “What Computer” the mix will include over 30 minutes of music with several unreleased tracks.

Along with preparing their album, and releasing a new mix, Two Fresh will be hitting the road this fall. Their live show consists of the twins accompanied by Drummer Colby Buckler. The live drums add another element to their live show and it is a show you don’t want to miss.

Paper Diamond

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Forward is not just a direction, it's a way of life for Colorado based producer Alex B who is rolling out big tunes under the new guise of Paper Diamond in 2011. The new project finds the trusted producer moving into previously untraveled musical territory.

The Paper Diamond sound has raw energy and the kind of dramatic anticipation only a seasoned producer can incite. Driving beats and bass grab on tight while deep, rich tones rumble under layers of spacey synthesizers, sweet melodies, and catchy vocals. One thing is for sure. The energy is high. In keeping with the way of the future, Paper Diamond’s debut EP "Levitate" will be available for free download from PRETTY LIGHTS MUSIC and ELM&OAK RECORDS on January 25th 2011.


Cherub is a sexy, avant-garde, electro-pop duo that is the dance love-child of 80’s funk, and pop-music from the future. The members of Cherub, Jordan Kelley and Jason Huber, share a love for honest original music and vibrant live performance, with a common goal to share a little bit of sex, a little bit of drugs, and a whole lot of love with people across the globe. Cherub’s music is a fresh electrified take on risqué pop music that brings to mind timeless artists like Prince, Zapp and Roger, and more contemporary Justin Timberlake. With a live show that is bouncing with energy, Cherub dances their way into the hearts of audiences from the first falsetto hook, until the very last delay filters out.

After completing studio work for Cherub’s first release, Man of the Hour, singer/ songwriter Jordan Kelley joined forces with fellow producer/performer, Jason Huber, to polish Cherub’s live electro act and begin performing throughout the Southeast. Both Jordan and Jason have received recognition as producers and live musicians, previously performing as Schtompa and I.V.Y. League alongside renown acts, such as EOTO, Boombox, Count Bass D, GZA of Wu Tang Clan, Two Fresh, and many more. Since Cherub’s formation in late 2010, the band has shared the stage with highly regarded acts like Alex B, Big Gigantic, Bag Raiders, Miami Horror, and many others. The duo is looking forward to a number of high profile live dates throughout the fall of 2011, including a Halloween show supporting Pretty Lights in the band’s hometown, Nashville, TN.

Since the recording of Man of the Hour, Cherub has returned to the studio as a dynamic electro-pop production duo, to lay down tracks for their second collection of recorded material. This new batch of Cherub songs brings a fresh uptempo electro feel to the familiar pop sensibilities for which fans know and love Cherub. Jordan Kelley’s clever songcraft, slick production in Reason, and smooth falsetto, are complimented perfectly by Jason Huber’s studio/on-stage production in Ableton live, tube-driven guitar work, and exciting vocal harmonies.

The Man of the Hour EP brings a new light to electro-pop music. The catchy hooks, tasteful synthwork, and dance-demanding rhythms work together with honest lyrics delivering a unique twist on accessible pop rock music. The Man of the Hour provides a musical package that keeps listeners bouncing around a club, and singing along the entire ride home. Drawing instant comparisons to contemporary favorites like Chromeo, Bag Raiders, and MGMT, Cherub’s Man of the Hour brings new definition to live music and electronic music alike.

Jordan Kelley wants to “focus on making good music that is personally relevant, rather that pay attention to the conventions of any particular genre. That’s what made the Man of the Hour.” Cherub’s live performance of Man of the Hour captivates audiences with swooping vocals, soaring guitars and talkbox, and ethereal harmonies, from the drop of the first beat, until Jordan and Jason dance their way off stage.

The newer unreleased Cherub material brings a funky vintage vibe to a new-school electronic sound, with soulful stacks of falsetto harmonies, and a layered cake of talkbox and vocoders, reminiscent of Prince, or Zapp and Roger. These songs display Cherub’s versatility in songwriting and dance music production, ranging from grooving heartfelt ballads, to risqué club bangers that blur conventional genre barriers. Playful guitar licks and lush synthesizer textures dance around in the mix, as listeners are treated to sing-a-long hook after hook the entire way through the Mom & Dad EP. This fresh collection of Cherub songs has been described as “Prince on sex-driven LSD, jamming with Radiohead on ecstasy.” It’s fun.

“Instead of fearing the changes seen in music performance, with technology being so readily incorporated into everyday life, Cherub looks to embrace everything that is fresh and exciting, and we seek to pioneer a new school of music composition, production, and performance… Cheers to the future!” – Jason Huber


Chris Mose, known best by his stage name Quiz, is an up and coming MC that resides in Denver, Colorado, signed to Elm&Oak Records.  Having written poetry since gradeschool, Quiz’s love for words met his love for music just before graduation - he recorded his first song and it has been nothing but a natural progression since. 

Performing since 2004, Chris has shared the stage with Wiz Khalifa,  RZA, Kool Keith, and Zion I, among countless others.  With his past collaborative releases having seen high placement on the CMJ Hip Hop charts, Quiz Spits: Volume One, is the first in a series of free mixtapes showcasing Quiz’s smooth vocal delivery and dynamic lyrical abilities paired with some of Denver’s best producers.

Raw Russ

2012 marks the two year occupation of Colorado by Raw Russ, the co-owner of the fresh and budding Elm and Oak record label. With Elm and Oak headquarters located in Boulder, Raw Russ has been integral in the introduction of new music to the colorado scene. Mixing various styles from hip-hop to dub-step, and electro-house to fresh moombahton. There is no doubt. This will make you dance. Drawing upon over a decade of DJ experience Raw Russ brings you debut mixture Hot Dogs & Tacos. This 40 minute mix will be cramming your ear canals with gritty, head-bobbing swagger. Keep watch.